To the beach

Tothebeachlook1 To the beach tothebeachlook2 To the beach
Shirt: Benneton
Shorts: Zara
Shoes: H&M
Bag: From Ibiza
Top: C&A

Hey guys! On the last day of our summer holiday I would like to show you a beachy look! I am wearing white ripped shorts by Zara and a floral blouse by Benneton which is perfect to put over a bikini or top. The shoes are from H&M and although I do like them I actually never wear them because unfortunately ¬†they don’t match a lot of my clothes.. Tomorrow I will be back home after a three week trip. Hopefully with a lot of awesome memories, a nice tan and a more pronounced baby bump icon smile To the beach

Hair style ambition: dark blonde

hairstyleambition Hair style ambition: dark blonde

Hey Guys! I am ready for a change of hair style! Earlier I wrote this post about my hair style evolution and as you can see I already tried many different looks in the past. From beachy blonde layers to a dark brown short cut with a touch of red. The last years I have been growing my hair and dying it blonde. And although I do like the edgy mid length hairstyles that seem to be everywear lately, I am not considering to say goodbye to my long locks. What I do want to change is the color! Over the years my hair turned into really light blonde and now I am ready for a new, more natural color! After years of dying I am not even sure what my natural hair color is like, but I guess it will be close to dark blonde. So please, is there any hairdresser that can give me back my dark blonde hair with maybe some highlights. It’s probably easier said than done because my hair is very damaged because of all the dying, but of one thing I am sure: when I am back from my holiday I need new hair! What do you think of my dark blonde hair style plans?

0d47c1154624c4463439167b942dff41 Hair style ambition: dark blonde 29ab41b985a55e36d88feccfbd22b46f Hair style ambition: dark blonde 839b7f012ff0a077ea358f2503b72d55 Hair style ambition: dark blonde dark blonde hair with highlights image2 Hair style ambition: dark blonde dark blonde hair with highlights style2 Hair style ambition: dark blonde Highlights For Dark Blonde Hair style ambition: dark blonde

Wrap skirt

wrapskirtlook1 Wrap skirt wrapskirtlook2 Wrap skirt wrapskirtlook3 Wrap skirt wrapskirtlook4 Wrap skirt
Skirt: Zara
Shirt: H&M
Jacket: Zara
Shoes: Ana Lublin
Sunnies: Ray Ban

Hey Guys! Today I am wearing a new wrap skirt that I found on sale at Zara. I paired it with my strappy heels, a whit top and my leather jacket. What do you think of this look?

Summer shoe trend: Mules

summershoetrendmules Summer shoe trend: Mules

Hey guys! Is there any trend from the nineties that is not coming back this season? The shops are filled with ’90 fashion trends like crop tops, mom jeans, jelly shoes and dungarees and in the shoe department the beloved mule of the ’90 has reborn. Ofcourse in a modern updated version and a bit more chic and sexier than the ’90 model, but the mule is back. Heels are higher than the mules style of the past and besides the classic black version, we also see colored, printed and wedge mules. This shoe style is actually very easy to pair, you can just wear them instead of pumps or strappy heels. I love it! Because of my pregnancy I haven’t been investing in high heels this summer, but I I might get myself a pair on sale. What do you think of this revolving shoe trend?

mules2 Summer shoe trend: Mules mules3 Summer shoe trend: Mules mules4 Summer shoe trend: Mules mules5 Summer shoe trend: Mules mules6 Summer shoe trend: Mules mules7 Summer shoe trend: Mules mules8 Summer shoe trend: Mules mules9 Summer shoe trend: Mules mules10 Summer shoe trend: Mules mules12 Summer shoe trend: Mules mules13 Summer shoe trend: Mules mules14 Summer shoe trend: Mules mules15 Summer shoe trend: Mules mules17 Summer shoe trend: Mules mules100 Summer shoe trend: Mules

Floral Pants

floralpantslook1 Floral Pantsfloralpantslook3 Floral Pants floralpantslook2 Floral Pants
Pants: H&M
Top: H&M
Jacket: H&M
Shoes: Mango
Bag: Local store Groningen

Hey guys! Oh yeah, I love this type of loose fitted printed pants! They are uber comfortable, easy to pair and stylish so when I spotted this pair of floral printed pants at H&M I had to take them home! In this look I paired it with nude heels, a purple top and my denim jacket. What do you think? Do like this slouchy type of printed pants?