Favorite fall trend: Tartan

 Favorite fall trend: Tartan


Tartan, or plaid, whatever you want to call it, is going to be one of the popular trends of this fall. And I love it! I already showed you a look with my tartan scarf, which is the only tartan item I own at the moment, but I am ready for some more tartan pieces to come.

The tartan blouses look great and are very easy to wear and once the baby has been born I am definitely going to give the tartan pants a try. As far as it concerns pairing this print, you can never go wrong with black this will alway’s look great! But there are other options, depending on the exact print you can also try white, dark blue, green or even leopard (doesn’t this look amazing in the outfit of Cara Loren you will find below!)..

Are we going to see you wearing tartan this fall? And how are you planning to pair this print?

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A touch of tartan

atouchoftartan A touch of tartan 01 A touch of tartan  25 A touch of tartan 13 2 A touch of tartan 04 A touch of tartan

Scarf: From Egypt
Jacket: Zara
Dress: H&M
Shoes: Ana Lublin
Bag: by Bao Bao

Photograpy by Kim Sieders

The tartan print is hot this season once again and I eying on some plaid items for fall. I already spotted some cool tartan pants and I think a tartan blouse or cape would also be great fall purchases. For now I decided to create a look with my tartan scarf and paired it with a basic black dress, my leather jacket and a red bag. Because the weather was great (I definitely didn’t need the scarf.. haha) I could wear my strappy heels, but with some tights and over the knee boots this look is also fall appropriate. What do you think of this look? Are you a fan of tartan?

Leopard Sneakers

leopardsneakers Leopard Sneakers04 Leopard Sneakers 05 kopie Leopard Sneakers 06 Leopard Sneakers 08 2 Leopard Sneakers 21 Leopard Sneakers

Sneakers: Blink via Socoo
Shirt: H&M
Skirt: H&M
Hat: H&M
Sunnies: Emporio Armani
Clutch: H&M

Animal prints are hot this fall. In various autumn designer collections  leopard, cheetah, snake and zebra played an important role and as a huge fan of animal prints I couldn’t be happier! I already wrote a previous post about this trend (and how I love it :)) and as I also told you a leopard jacket and some leopard sneakers where definitely sky high on my fall wish list! And yay, here they are: my brand new leopard sneakers! These babies are from Blink and I ordered them at Socoo. A webshop I did know from selling beautiful kids shoes (I once ordered some very cool boots for Siem), but they also have a huge collection of woman’s heels, boots and sneakers. There online shoe collection includes more than 150 fashion brands so more than enough options to choose from! And don’t forget to take a look at the sale selection as there is still a huge sale going on. The sneakers I am wearing in this look where also on sale and are available in various colors. It was definitely hard to pick a favorite because color because I also really like the red and the blue/grey printed version! What is your favorite color?

Now back to today’s look! These sneakers can be styled in lots of different ways (jeans/skirt/dress), but since I really wanted them to be the eye catcher of the look of today, I decided to keep the rest of the outfit simple and to go all black. I paired my sneakers with a flowy skirt by H&M, a new loose fitted top by H&M (veery comfortable), my cat eye sunnies by Armani and a floppy hat by H&M. We took pictures at the stairs of the city hall and I have to say I really love the background with the pink florals (I would have matched my lipstick if I would have known they where there :)) What do you think of this look? Are you a fan of leopard print? How would you combine a pair of leopard sneakers?

Fall trend: leather sweatpants

 Fall trend: leather sweatpants

I already spotted these sweatpants on the runway and on blogs last season, but this fall the leather jogging is really having it’s big break through. You can either dress them up with heels and a blazer, or down with some edgy sneakers and a sporty tee.

So yes, I love the various style possibilities and I think the leather joggings will definitely fit into my wardrobe.. The only problem is that I hate the way faux leather feels, it just doesn’t breathe and I alway’s ends up feeling clammy… bleeh. But then again, we all know that fashion is not about comfort most of the time, so yeah I will probably give them a try icon smile Fall trend: leather sweatpants What do you think of the leather jogging?

leathersweatpants2 Fall trend: leather sweatpants leathersweatpants1 Fall trend: leather sweatpants leatherjoggings7 Fall trend: leather sweatpants leatherjoggings6 Fall trend: leather sweatpants leatherjoggings5 Fall trend: leather sweatpants leatherjoggings3 Fall trend: leather sweatpants leatherjogging Fall trend: leather sweatpants




Red leggings

redleggings1 Red leggings redleggings2 Red leggings redleggings3 Red leggings redleggings4 Red leggings redleggings5 Red leggings
Leggings: Preggo leggings
Shirt: Supertrash
Cardigan: Selected Femme
Shoes: Ana Lublin
Bag: Zara

Hat: H&M

As I told you I was planning on getting through my pregnancy without special maternity clothes and I have to say for me this still works. I realize that I don’t have the biggest baby bump in the world and I think I would reconsider my plans if my belly would have been this size in the fourth month, but now that the end is in sight I will rely on my own wardrobe and just add some bump proof items that I’ll also be abled to wear after my pregnancy. However, some of my jeans and leggings sometimes do cause irritation around the waistband so when Preggo leggings offered me to try one of their maternity leggings of course I said yes. And I have to admit, these leggings are veeeery comfortable and these will help me through the last weeks for sure! Today I paired them with a zebra printed top, my strappy heels and a fluffy cardigan. What do you think?